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Conditions of Use

The undermentioned are the terms of agreement between a company Safemarine (hereinafter referred to as "Company") and buyer ("Buyer") about a purchase of goods or services, over the Web Site of the Company ("Site"). If you disagree with these terms, you will not be able to purchase our goods and services, therefore please examine thoroughly these terms before making any purchase.

1. Introduction.

The Buyer agrees with the terms stipulated in this Agreement between the parties ("Agreement"), with everything that concerns goods, services and information provided by the Site. This Agreement is a contract between Company and Buyer, and replaces any preceding or other contracts, contracts and guarantees, and stipulates everything that concerns the goods, services and information provided by the Site. The Buyer agrees to look over and acknowledge this Agreement before purchasing the goods or services on the Site.

2. Payment Information.

The buyer understands and guarantees that submitted information of credit card is true, correct and complete. The payment made by the Buyer is received by the Buyers credit card company and the Buyer undertakes to pay for the goods purchased as well as delivery cost in the amount as notified in the moment of purchase including all taxes applicable. The Buyer bears responsibility for any payments made with use of Buyers password. The Buyer agrees to keep his or her password confidential and inform the Company of any unauthorized use of the password or any breach of the present Agreement within 24 hours. The Company will not be responsible for unathorized use of the Buyers password.

3. Copyright.

The content of the Site is protected by copyrights, including trade marks including, but, not limiting to the intellectual property. Organization, collection, compiling, translation, digital transformation and other actions, connected with the use of materials, and also coping, redistribution, use or publication of all content or any part of Site, without author consent is forbidden.

4. Editing, deleting and modifying.

Company reserves an exclusive right for editing, deleting or putting any information on the Site or putting any goods and services for sale. Company may modify this Agreement or the prices for goods and services without noticing the Buyer. Modification of this Agreement will be considered valid after its publication on the Site, and it will concern the transactions concluded after date of the publication.

5. The refusal right.

Company reserves a right at its own discretion to stop selling goods and rendering services, and also to regulate access to the purchase of any goods or services.

6. Indemnity.

The Buyer consents to compensate, protect and support position of the Company and its suppliers, partners and licensors in safety of any responsibility, losses, claims and charges, including reasonable advocate fees related to violation of this Contract and terms of Site use by the Buyer.

7. Limitation of assignment of rights to other person.

The Buyers right to make use of the Service is his personal right and it is not a subject to the assignment to the other person or the organization and it is regulated within the limits and conditions set by the Company or the Buyers credit card company.









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