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How the product improves safety?
No equipment can provide safety on board unless crewmembers know and understand safety procedures in emergency and other situations and can properly operate safety equipment. Safety information available for the crew in visible places ensures day-by-day training and improves crew competence. Therefore this product is an important part of general safety on board.
Providing safety information is compulsory as per SOLAS convention Ch.3 Regulation 9 (Operating instructions) and Regulation 35 (Training manuals and on-board training aids).

What makes it different from competing products?
1.This is the only product available at the moment which is produced in vector graphics.
It means:
- highest possible resolution of images which allows to pay attention to smallest details
- very clear color images
- possibility to make any alterations in images, text or size in very short time
2. These are the only bilingual posters and signs on the market.
According to European Maritime Safety Agency 46.5 % of seafarers employed on EU vessels are Philippines nationals and 20.4 % are Russian speakers (Russia and Ukraine nationals).
Safety information supplied in English language only can not be considered as sufficient for providing safety on board for all crew and for complying the requirements of international Conventions IMO Resolution A.741 (18) (Working language), SOLAS etc. We developed Russian-English posters and working on Estonian-English at the moment. We believe more languages will be available in our collection soon.

Why there is a gap in the market for this product?
Many ship-owners were not satisfied with similar products which were on the market so far.
Black and white poster is not an adornment in 21 century.
Working language issue also becomes a problem for many managers. At the moment we work on project of supplying safety posters and signs for Russian state enterprise ARKTIKMORNEFTEGAZRAZVEDKA, continue supply posters to our clients in Greece, Estonia, Russiaand Cyprus. We are sure that there are many ship managers who appreciate high quality and new technological solutions.

How long did it take to develop the product?
Although the company was formed recently its key personnel have been working on this idea since 2008. We are group of marine professionals including Master Mariner, DPA and marine engineers. The creative work on postersbegun about 1 year ago and still lasts.Before that same people worked for many yearson marine software development.

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